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Samsung Galaxy S III Review - Watch CNET's Video Review
Samsung's aggressive distribution strategy gives it a leg up against its chief Android rival, the HTC One X, but it fails to sweep HTC's finest, and Apple fans will scoff at Samsung's imitation Siri. The Galaxy S3's screen is too dim, and Samsung's Siri competitor, S Voice, disappointed.
Samsung Galaxy S III (AT&T) Review & Rating -
The new flagship smartphone from the world's number-one mobile phone company, Samsung's Galaxy S III ($199.99 with contract) is literally a huge achievement. Bluetooth headsets work fine with Samsung's "S Voice" voice dialing system. S-Voice, Samsung's answer to Apple's Siri.
Samsung Galaxy S III review
Instead, we get an abstract design statement about the phone being "inspired by nature" alongside a list of incremental hardware improvements such as a quad-core processor, as well as fresh additions to Samsung's customized Android 4.0 skin.
Samsung Galaxy S III Review - A Great Phone That Tries Too Hard
Samsung's Galaxy S II was the king of Android in 2011. But now HTC is on top with the new One X The Galaxy S III is the most anticipated spec-beast of the year (so far), but that doesn't necessarily mean it's the best.
AnandTech - Samsung Galaxy S 5 Review
Samsung Galaxy S 5 Review. Samsung is now the undisputed king of the Android smartphone space. It was only a few years ago that the general public referred to every Android phone as a "Droid".
Samsung Galaxy S Advance Review
Dual-core processors are so last year, don't you think. However, there isn't anything wrong with that since the advancement of quad-core silicon is now paving the way for dual-core chips to invade the mid-range market.
Samsung I9000 Galaxy S review - From outer space -
We're getting reports of a Froyo drizzle on Samsung's party. Anyway, Éclair it is – with the Samsung's home-brewed TouchWiz UI on top, which we've already found to notably improve the usability of the interface.
Samsung Galaxy S III 4G Android phone Review - Mobile Phones - Smart Phones - Good ...
It once again includes Samsung's TouchWIZ UI overlay on top which brings a wealth of useful and some not so useful features. For an overview of all of TouchWIZ's features, you can once again reference our Galaxy S III review. The Samsung Galaxy S III 4G simply feels smooth and polished.
Samsung Galaxy S WiFi 5.0 Android media player • The Register
Review I reviewed Samsung's first Android media player just over a year ago and frankly thought it was awful. The Galaxy S 5.0 makes do with Android 2.2, which is a bit long in the tooth but when combined with Samsung's TouchWiz overlay the OS still does a decent job.
Samsung Galaxy S 4 Review - SlashGear
The GALAXY S 4 ticks all the must-have boxes for a recent Android handset, but Samsung's decision to stick to the familial design language we've seen on the Galaxy S III and Galaxy Note II means that it's only really when you have them together that the differences become clear.
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