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Samsung Galaxy S III T-Mobile review - CNET
Samsung's aggressive distribution strategy gives it a leg up against its chief Android rival, the HTC One X, but it fails to sweep HTC's finest, and Apple fans will scoff at Samsung's imitation Siri. The Bad The Galaxy S3's screen is too dim, and Samsung's Siri competitor, S Voice, disappointed.
Samsung Galaxy S III (T-Mobile) Review & Rating -
Bluetooth headsets work fine with Samsung's "S-Voice" voice dialing system, and the phone supports T-Mobile's seamless Wi-Fi calling system. S-Voice, Samsung's answer to Apple's Siri. But as with so many things here, call quality gets richer if you burrow down into the GS3's settings screens.
Samsung Galaxy S 4 review
Take a closer look, however, and it becomes more apparent that Samsung's design team didn't actually use the past year to catch up on the sleep it lost crafting the GS3. Samsung's choice of build material wasn't one of them. Another design shift is in Samsung's choice of decor.
Samsung Galaxy S III Review - A Great Phone That Tries Too Hard
Samsung's Galaxy S II was the king of Android in 2011. But now HTC is on top with the new One X The Galaxy S III is the most anticipated spec-beast of the year (so far), but that doesn't necessarily mean it's the best.
Samsung Galaxy S III (Verizon Wireless) Review - Notebook Reviews
Samsung's updated TouchWiz interface rides on top of Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich on the Galaxy S III. Most of Samsung's additions are welcome, though you'll have to dig to activate or tweak many of the features.
Samsung Galaxy S Blaze 4G Review
In typical fashion, the Samsung Galaxy S Blaze 4G exhibits the usual design characteristics akin to Samsung's stable – meaning it's all-plastic and very lightweight. The Samsung Galaxy S Blaze 4G exhibits the usual design characteristics akin to Samsung's stable.
Samsung I8190 Galaxy S III mini review - The Halfling -
The Samsung Galaxy S III mini uses a 4 Super AMOLED screen of WVGA resolution (800 x 480 pixels). It's identical to the screens used in the original Samsung I9000 Galaxy S and the Galaxy S Advance and the image quality is about the same. Samsung Galaxy S III mini 0 221 ∞ 0 385. Samsung Galaxy S III mini 2.422.
Samsung Galaxy S3 review - Phone Reviews - TechRadar
Compared to rest of the Galaxy line, the S3 has more in common with the original Galaxy S than the S2, with curved edges the theme in the design language. The home button has also been elongated, although the same menu and back buttons remain from the prequel.
Part 1 - AnandTech - Samsung Galaxy S 4 Review
Much debate has been made around Samsung's continued use of plastic vs metal in the industrial design of its smartphones and tablets. Samsung's public stance has always been that it optimizes its material choice to keep weight as low as possible.
Samsung Galaxy S Duos Reviews - Smartphones -
Price Comparison Write a Review. Price Comparison for Samsung Galaxy S Duos. See all 11 offers. Samsung Galaxy S Duos Smartphone. Samsung Galaxy S Duos go shopping.
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